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Manufactures : Wooden doors & windows, Packing cases, pallets & crates. Details of wood Teak, Sal, Neem, Babool & Country Wooden Cut sizes etc.

Wooden Frame

Wooden Frame





Packing Cases

Packing Cases


We emphasize quality over recovery in all our processes, We invest in appropriate levels of technology to ensure that you receive ‘premium’ finger joint wood.


We understand that every substandard Finger Joint wood costs you time, money and potential reputation, Our goal is total customer satisfaction.


We produce Cross Section in klin seasoned Teak, Sal & Neem Wood Doors & Frames, with this we added a class range of interior doors for all the home needs


Finger joint studs will stay straighter than conventional sawn timber when subjected to heat or humidity, Quality assurance is confirmed through personal verification.

Operations – Processes

  • At Surani, we begin by selecting high quality raw materials.
  • The moisture content in wood is decreased by kiln dry, test is conducted to check moisture and quality.
  • Finger joint studs’ timber are manufactured by taking short blocks of kiln dried timber, cutting a ‘finger’ profile into each end, applying the appropriate adhesive and machine-pressing the pieces together to make a longer piece of timber.
  • By skilled carpenter door and window frames are assembled.
  • Door and window frames are painted and sprayed by painter.
  • Frames are stacked dimension wise to locate in a store place.
Finger Joint Doors & Frames
Finger Joint Doors & Frames

The finger jointing process minimizes the twisting and warping, thus resulting in a longer straighter piece of wood

Quality Doors & Frames
Quality Doors & Frames

Our products undergo rigorous testing and quality checks every day, on every length/ studs to ensure quality product


To be the best in the world and socially responsible integrated wood-based industry which produce eco-solutions by utilizing its raw material from sustainable resources


The values that determines the culture, our core values are:
• People.
• Quality.
• Service.


Innovations with latest technology has been the basic of Surani’s identity. We invest in appropriate levels of technology to ensure that you receive ‘premium’ finger joint wood.

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